Good Food = Fresh Ingredients

Saint-Henri, Montréal

As you walk south of the Lionel Groulx metro station chances are you will stumble upon the ever so lovely Atwater Market.  Just when you think the sight of hundreds of flowers filling the whole perimeter of the parking lot could not be more beautiful, the aromas start to take over. While strolling through the stunning gardens your eyes settle upon the heaps of fruit and vegetable stands lined up just outside the building. Now that you have arrived in the produce section you take a look to your right and see there are food trucks at the end of the line, fish markets, cheese shops and then to the left chocolate! One look up the steps and you know you’re about to enter a butcher’s heaven. Where do you begin, and what is this magical place you have discovered?!

Atwater Market was founded in 1933. The building is well known for its clock tower and art deco architectural design. The market is in the area of Saint-Henri, located in the South-West of Montreal. The neighbourhood is full of charming older buildings and positioned alongside Canal Lachine. The placement of the Atwater market could not be more perfect. Just out the back of it you will find the canal where you can ride your bike along its paths, or enjoy a delicious ice cream from Havre aux Glaces.

For me, a typical Atwater Market trip includes a stop in the gardens to smell the flowers. Then a slow walk through the fruit and vegetable stands while I decide what it is I am going to prepare for dinner that evening. One of my favourite meals to make after a trip to the market is salmon with dill, lemon and asparagus. Then with the irresistible fruit selection I make homemade syrups for Italian sodas. Every trip requires a stop for ice cream, and some people watching. Then, when I’m ready to head home, a quick stop at the SAQ is essential to find the perfect wine to accompany dinner.

The Atwater Market is an excellent Sunday adventure for people wishing to spend the day outside surrounded by a vibrant picturesque atmosphere. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate shopping local and eating quality healthy cuisine… people who have yet to discover the Atwater Market that’s who! So go, check out the yummy assortment of food and enjoy your time roaming through all of the wonderful shops they have to offer.

❤ S

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