Parlez-vous Brunch?

Mont-Royal, Montréal

This past weekend Quebec celebrated Saint-Jean-Baptiste-Day, which meant the whole city closed down to take part in the festivities. So, when I woke up Sunday morning wondering how to spend my day, I thought brunch followed by a lazy Netflix afternoon was the best recipe. Montreal is a city that loves to brunch, however deciding which restaurant to go to is like trying to pick which star you like best in the night sky. In the end though, the decision was unanimous, we chose to go where brunch began, Beauty’s.

I love a good old-fashioned diner brunch, and Beauty’s gives you exactly that. From the outside it doesn’t look like much, but the second you walk across the street you know it must be good due to the line of people out the door waiting to be seated. I am not big on waiting in line, but trust me this is worth it. Once inside, the homey feeling kicks in, and as you slide into your blue booth, you know these seats have seen the world. In case the seat didn’t give that impression just look around at the walls that are lined with photographs and signatures of people that have paid this restaurant a visit.

While looking over the menu, “The Special”, made of lox, cream cheese, tomato, and red onion on a signature Montreal bagel, made up my mind for me. The big messy sandwich along with a café latte had my taste buds singing by the end of the brunch. The best part, aside from eating, was watching the chefs prepare the food. At one point, they had approximately 15 pancakes cooking at once, a grill covered end to end in breakfast meats, and eggs in every fashion being prepared. It was wonderful to watch the staff in action, all the while feeling so very welcome in their beautiful world.

Beauty’s was founded in 1942 and has been serving brunch for the last seventy years. When was the last time you ate brunch in a little piece of history? I highly recommend checking out this spot. It’s just up the street from the Mont-Royal metro station, which is surrounded by tons of shops to browse through; a perfect way to walk off your food baby. And, on days when everything is closed, it’s the perfect stop before giving in to a Netflix marathon.

❤ S

One thought on “Parlez-vous Brunch?

  1. Reading your blog about Beauty’s is like having a delicious hors d’oeuvre.It certainly convinced me to go and check that place filled with memories .I lived in Montreal for four ears before moving to Ottawa and i wish you would have written this blog at that time but unfortunatley you wwere not born by that timeReally the way you describe Beauty’s is top mark.It is so convincing to go and experience it,I hope Beaty’s top management will read this blog and that they will ask you to create a graphic exepression of your creativity.

    I also liked your descriptions aobut the market yu sure are an avid Montrealer wanting to make us readers live with you your experiences and smelling with you the sweet perfume of “PEOPLES presence ,,,Let us be hinest this market without people like you would not exist

    So .. Serena keep going ,,you are truly an ardent Montrealer and you sure not only succeed in what you do but EXCEL in it


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