Coasting through Canada Day

La Ronde, Montréal. Parliament, Ottawa.

Canada 150, what a party! I spent my July 1st in Ottawa this year in order to be a part of the big celebration. The city was packed with people from all over Canada and despite the rain showers you could not dampen the Canadian spirit.

The next day, we were back in Montreal to go to La Ronde, which is a must during the summer months. La Ronde provides a little something for everyone with more than 40 rides and attractions. There are family rides; intermediate and then the high thrill roller coasters (those are my favourite).

The one ritual I have every time I go is to ride the wooden roller coaster first, The Monster. Fun fact: It is the largest wooden roller coaster in Canada. It offers you two different tracks to try and it is also the largest two-track roller coaster in the world. It is very fast at 96km/h after the first drop and a ton of fun!

The second roller coaster we went on was Ednor. This one is named after a monster of the sea, which is very fitting as the coaster loops near the lake. The coaster goes very fast, turning you upside down and taking you through spirals all while your legs are dangling at a maximum height of 33 metres above the water.

The third and final coaster we went on was The Vampire. Again your feet are dangling at 32 metres and you are traveling at speeds upwards of 80km/h while being turned upside down five times. Make sure not to eat before going on this ride, it is heart stopping to say the least.

I suggest arriving early to the park as the lines become outrageously long as the day goes on. It is easily accessible by car or metro, and is guaranteed to be an entertaining day.

❤ S

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