Chalet Bar-B-Q

chalet bbbq
NDG, Montreal

I discovered Chalet Bar-B-Q on one of my trips to Montreal before moving here. My dad brought me for lunch, and I instantly fell in love with the old school country style diner, not to mention the food! Since moving here I have gone back plenty of times to enjoy their classic hot chicken sandwiches, gravy, coleslaw and fries. The menu is beyond affordable, with pints of beer at 4$ and the food ranging from 8$-15$. I have typically chosen to visit this resto when it is cold or rainy outside because of the cozy atmosphere and homemade style cooking. Chalet Bar-B-Q is located on Sherbrooke St W and has been around since 1944. It is just off the Highway 15, or can be reached by metro if you get off at Vendome and then walk for about 10min. If you are ever in the area and are looking for an affordable and delicious night out, check out the Chalet (they also deliver and do take out!).

❤ S


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