Salty, Barefoot + Free


Greenwich Beach, Prince Edward Island

What’s the best part of summer you may wonder… well summer vacation is my answer. I just had the best two-week vacation where I got to spend almost an entire week on the East Coast of Canada, in Prince Edward Island! It was quite the journey from Montreal, approximately 12 hours, but totally worth it.

I am the mom to a very sweet Australian Shepherd, so finding a spot to vacation with our little man can be a bit challenging. Luckily, we found the most perfect Airbnb in Montague right next to a little harbour. I am a beach girl; to me vacation means lying on the beach. So, I did some research and found Greenwich beach which was about 30 minutes from Montague. Each day we woke up, ate breaky and then packed the car and headed to the beach. The drive was breath taking as it took us all along the coast. Once at the beach, you had to walk along a boardwalk for about 5 minutes and then you arrived at your paradise. The water was salty and cold but oh so refreshing!

I love food… if that was not already clear by my other posts about local eats! Being in the East Coast, it was necessary that our diet consisted of only seafood. To start it all off when we arrived in Charlottetown on the first day we stopped at Dave’s Lobster to eat (my first) lobster roll. Hands down the best thing I have ever consumed. On our first two nights we decided to cook up some seafood, so we visited a local seafood truck and got some Lucky Lime oysters, haddock and scallops. On the third night we ventured into Charlottetown, about a 45-minute drive, and went to Peakes Quay to enjoy a steak and lobster dinner. On our fourth and last night, we visited an old school diner and enjoyed some greasy fish and chips. We certainly ate our fair share of seafood to say the least.

All in all it was a fantastic vacation, but as with all good things, it had to come to an end. So I am back in Montreal, ready to continue exploring, blogging, and designing my Sunday adventures. Stay tuned.

❤ S




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