Nice to Meat you

Schwartz’s, Montréal – Le Plateau Mont Royal.

So I have been living in Montreal now for just over a year and I only recently discovered Schwartz’s. Big mistake friends, big mistake. Why was this not the very first place I went to eat and why did it take me this long to realize what I was missing?!

This world-renowned deli should be at the top of your itinerary when visiting Montreal. If you are a local, it should be considered one of the 5 main food groups in your diet. The key is to go later at night and sit at the bar, this way you have the opportunity to chat with the candid staff while enjoying your meal. Now what should you order? If you are a true smoked meat lover go for the fatty sandwich. It is rich in flavour and literally melts in your mouth. If the fatty sounds a little too decadent for your lifestyle, the medium sandwich is just as delicious. To drink, black cherry cola is the way to go. As for sides, I chose coleslaw, a pickle and fries. Sounds like a lot, but when I go to a restaurant for the first time, I like to order a little bit of everything in order to fully indulge in the experience.

Devoting our time and attention to food is innate. Creating life experiences while we eat is what makes food such a great way to build a community. After 80 years of tradition, Schwartz’s deli has established a worldwide love for their original smoked meat.

❤ S

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