Nice to Meat you

So I have been living in Montreal now for just over a year and I only recently discovered Schwartz's. Big mistake friends, big mistake. Why was this not the very first place I went to eat and why did it take me this long to realize what I was missing?! This world-renowned deli should be [...]

Rise & Grind at Crew

What was once the tallest landmark in Canada, used as offices for RBC, is now one of the coolest coffee shops in the Old Port of Montreal. Crew collective and café occupies the main floor of the old Royal Bank Tower. This wonderfully historic café features 50 foot-high ceilings and 12000 square feet of space. [...]

Salty, Barefoot + Free

  What’s the best part of summer you may wonder… well summer vacation is my answer. I just had the best two-week vacation where I got to spend almost an entire week on the East Coast of Canada, in Prince Edward Island! It was quite the journey from Montreal, approximately 12 hours, but totally worth [...]

Chalet Bar-B-Q

I discovered Chalet Bar-B-Q on one of my trips to Montreal before moving here. My dad brought me for lunch, and I instantly fell in love with the old school country style diner, not to mention the food! Since moving here I have gone back plenty of times to enjoy their classic hot chicken sandwiches, [...]

Parlez-vous Brunch?

This past weekend Quebec celebrated Saint-Jean-Baptiste-Day, which meant the whole city closed down to take part in the festivities. So, when I woke up Sunday morning wondering how to spend my day, I thought brunch followed by a lazy Netflix afternoon was the best recipe. Montreal is a city that loves to brunch, however deciding [...]